Thank you for attending the 2022 PEACE Pathway Conference. All presentations from the conference are now available for download.

Recording of the conference will be available in 6 months on PEACE website. Please stay tuned.


Conference Programme


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  1. Welcome – Link between Autism and Eating disorders update - Professor Kate Tchanturia (Consultant Clinical Psychologist/ Principal Investigator of PEACE Pathway – King’s College London)
  2. Adapting Food Service to Support Treatment and Recovery - Kate Williams (Dietetic adviser to the PEACE project)
  3. Implementing new strategies in the dining room - Philippa Croft (Assistant Psychologist in the national ED inpatient ward)
  4. Sensory workshops developed in the PEACE pathway - Cindy Toloza and Victoria Holetic (Assistant Psychologists Outpatient and day care services)
  5. Case Study: Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) ‘Roo’ - Jess Webb (Assistant Psychologist in the national ED inpatient ward)
  6. My Body does what?: Exploring a Group Intervention to Improve Body Integration - Dr Claire Baillie (Senior Chartered Counselling Psychologist, SLaM)
  7. 'Realising that there is hope...': supporting PEACE carers during the Pandemic and beyond - Madeleine Oakley (PEACE Carers Champion/Psychotherapist)
  8. Personal experience - Fiona Hollings and Personal experience - Pooky Knightsmith
  9. Lessons Learned from PEACE Case Studies: Practical Challenges in Meeting the Needs of Adults with Anorexia Nervosa and Autism - Zhuo Li (PhD candidate/PEACE project manager)
  10. Extending the reach of the PEACE pathway to Children and Young People - Drs Joanna Holliday, Laura Marshall and Kim Hoffman (Thames Valley team)

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